Otter Tail County Announces Partnership with Online Mental Health Resource

Otter Tail County, MN – Otter Tail County announced its partnership with CredibleMind in May.

CredibleMind is an online platform that provides personalized mental health care, enabling the local community to support and protect their well-being.

This partnership has made CredibleMind accessible to approximately 60,000 Otter Tail County residents.

“Mental health and wellness have been identified as a high priority in health care in Otter Tail County,” said health educator Reese Ellison, “Partnering with CredibleMind is just one way the county and public health can work to prioritize and meet this need in our community.”

“We are facing a mental health crisis in our country and the demand for mental health care is greater than ever,” according to Deryk Van Brunt, CEO of CredibleMind. “We are excited to partner with Otter Tail County Public Health and provide on-demand, reliable self-care and mental health resources to help local community members improve their overall well-being and thrive.”

CredibleMind focuses on early intervention and prevention of mental health problems.

It contains over 10,000 science-based resources that provide users with free, confidential, and reliable self-care options to improve their overall well-being.

Wellness-related content includes a variety of articles, podcasts, videos, and more.

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