Essence Atkins Shares the Secret to Her Youthful Glow at 52

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Essence Atkins has been entertaining us with her beautiful smile and comic humor on our television screens for almost 40 years. The seasoned actress began her career with guest roles on The Cosby Show and “Family Matters” before landing a regular role on shows like Under a roof, Half halfand Smart Guy.

Despite contributing to the entertainment industry for nearly four decades, Atkins doesn’t look a day over 40. The actress is proud of her 52 years on earth and attributes her endless source of peace to her youthful appearance.

We have the First Women’s Club actress at Essence Fest to discuss her secret to aging backwards, her favorite affirmations and her latest role on the CBS comedy series, Daddy’s house.

Essence Atkins Shares the Secret to Her Youthful Glow at 52

Most Hollywood actors dismiss the aging process with Botox and fillers, but Atkins has fully embraced the gift of aging. While her skin-care routine likely consists of typical things like staying hydrated, applying moisturizer, and removing excess oil and dirt from her face, the 52-year-old actress says her youthful glow is a result of prioritizing joy and authenticity in her life.

“I had an event for CBS to launch the show, Daddy’s houseand everyone goes, ‘Oh, she looks great.’ And then a few people said, ‘Of course she looks great, she’s got all her makeup on. Of course she looks great; she’s done this and that,'” she tells me in an exclusive interview.

“And so I took off all my makeup, and I made a little movie, and I think, people, this is the fountain of peace. This is the fountain of joy. This is the fountain of authenticity. This is the fountain of not being incongruent with what you say and what you do. That’s what this is. It’s the practice of being okay with being who you really are and showing up in excellence and most importantly, in gratitude and kindness. So if there’s a secret to my youthful appearance, it’s not Botox; look, it moves. It’s not fillers; there are lines. It’s really about generosity. It’s really about showing up in service. It’s really about showing up with appreciation for what everyone brings. That’s what will keep you young,” she continues.

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It’s clear that Atkins lives in gratitude and joy, judging by her flawless skin. With 52 years of wisdom under her belt, we asked her for the top three affirmations that help her stay grounded.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. And Essence, I am proud of you,” she says with a warm smile.

Essence Atkins will star in the comedy series Daddy’s house

Atkins continues to delight us with her comedic talent in CBS’s latest comedy series, Daddy’s house. The show stars Poppa, played by Damon Wayans, a divorced and esteemed radio host who finds himself challenged by his new co-host Ivy, played by Atkins. The show explores his journey of balancing a new work dynamic while raising his adult son, Damon, played by his son, Damon Wayans, Jr.

The comedy is planned will air on CBS and stream on Paramount+ beginning September 1.


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